Our mission is simple.

  • To put an end to the horrific use of dogs as commodities, to be factory “farmed” and sold in bulk. [The Puppy Mill Problem]
  • To put an end to dogs (and cats) being sold through pet stores [The Pet Store Problem]
  • To organize legitimate breeders across the country, offer them certification and help them find good new companions for their puppies.

That’s pretty simple. But the task is enormous. Puppy Mills and Pet Stores have been entrenched in our society for over half a century already. It will take a concerted and coordinated effort to overcome this, to change the buying habits of America. But twenty years ago nobody thought that we’d be buying our books online, or even shoes!  So there’s hope. But we need YOU to help us.

How can you help?  We need people…. and lots of people… with the same goal. We need organizers to set in motion protests at Pet Stores, we need salespeople to share the idea with legitimate breeders who will need to understand how this will benefit them. We’ll need veterinarians to help create certification programs for the legitimate breeders. We’ll need veterinary professionals (technicians, assistants, students) to help inspect facilities. We’ll need people to spread the word on the Internet, to create buzz, to get us on TV !

If you think you can help, please use the space below and tell us about yourself. Who you are, what you’re good at, how you envision yourself being part of this team. Most importantly, let us know how to reach you and where in the country you’re located. As soon as the movement has reached your area, we’ll reach out to you.